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Traceability in Clinical Labs - Agenda with professionals and times assigned

Traceability in Clinical Labs - Agenda with professionals and times assigned

by Carlos Rozas -
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 “Implementation of the Concept of Traceability in Clinical Laboratories in Latin America”

September 25th– 26th , 2015 - Quito, Ecuador


1.                  Objective:

·         Strengthening of the integration among the Societies of Clinical Laboratories and the actors of the Quality Infrastructure (QI), mainly focused to the National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) and the National Accreditation Bodies (NABs).

·         Give an overview of activities in which these actors of the QI could work together with the Societies of Clinical Laboratories.

2.                  Target Group:

·         Representatives of the National Societies of Clinical Laboratories from the countries of the region.

·         Representatives of the NMIs of the region interested in giving support to the traceability in clinical sector.

·         Representatives of the NABs of the region, who are managing the accreditation programme for clinical laboratories or are in process of preparation for implementing in it, preferably who belongs to the IAAC Clinical WG and participate actively.

3.                  Expected Result:

·         Link strengthened among the NMIs and ABs representatives with the Societies of Clinical Laboratories

·         Identification of activities  in which these actors of the QI could work together with the Societies of Clinical Laboratories

4.                  Methodology:

·         Input presentations about the subjects of the contents

·         Exchange of opinions and discussion among the participants. Discussion.


5.         Content and Agenda

Friday, 25th September 2015



Experts / Facilitator

SIMPOSIUM: Traceability, Hotel Mariott Quito, Salón Amazonas- A

Chair: Raoul Girardi

10h45 - 11h15

Traceability concept in laboratory medicine/ El concepto de trazabilidad en la medicina de laboratorio

L. Siekmann, Germany

11:00 – 11:45

Reference methodology for catalytic concentration measurements

G. Schumann ,Germany

11:45 – 12:15

Traceability of HbA1c/ Trazabilidad de HbA1c

C. Weykamp, The Netherland

12:15 – 12:45

Proficiency testing of Reference Laboratories in Laboratory Medicine / Pruebas de competencia de Laboratorios de  Referencia en  Medicina de Laboratorio

Anja Kessler, Germany

Workshop “Implementation of the Concept of Traceability in Clinical Laboratories in Latin America”, Holiday Inn Express Quito

12:45 – 14:00


14:00  – 14:50

Introduction: QI as support for the clinical laboratories / Introducción: IC cómo soporte a laboratorios clínicos

Imilce Zuta / Representative of the Clinical Societies (TBD)

14:50  – 16:00

Concepts about Traceability.


Traceability in External Quality Assessment


Lothar Siekmann


16:00– 16:20

Coffee Break

16:20 - 17:30



17:30 – 18:45

IFCC Reference Procedures for Enzymes:  Useful advice and calculation of measurement uncertainties


Requirements for Calibration/Reference Laboratories  - Accreditation according to ISO 15195 & ISO 17025

 Requisitos de trazabilidad conforme a ISO 15195 y 17025

Gerhard Schumann



Anja Kessler

Saturday, 26th September 2015




9:00 – 9:10 h

Comments, questions respect the first day, as needed


9:10 – 11:00

Potential or Planned joint activities between the NMI and the National Society of Clinical Laboratories. Argentina / Actividades conjuntas potenciales o previstas entre el NMI y la Sociedad Nacional de Laboratorios Clínicos (Caso Argentina)

(35 min)


How the traceability for clinical laboratories is currently faced in the country? ¿Cómo la trazabilidad para laboratorios clínicos es afrontada en el país?(Mexico, Costa Rica y Chile)

(each one 20 min)


Presentations: 1h 35 min

Discussion: 15 min


FBA Representative

(FBA,  Argentina),

Patricia Gatti  (INTI





Mexico (Sandra Quintana)

Costa Rica (Mauro Barrantes) and

Chile (Leonardo Aguirre)


11:00 – 11:30

Coffee Break


11:30 – 13:00

Role of the NMIs: A general overview of the dissemination of traceability for the calibration laboratories / El rol de los NMIs: Una visión general de la difusión de la trazabilidad para las laboaratorios de calibración:

-        primary methods development / metodos primarias de desarrollo,

-        production of CRMs / producción de MRCs,

-        measurement instrument calibrations (mass, temperature, etc) / calibraciones de instrumentos de mediación (masa, temperature, etc.),

-        statistical design and evaluation of results of proficiency tests / diseño estadísticoy evaluación de losresultados de las pruebasde aptitud.

Presentations: 80 min

Discussion: 10 min

Patricia Gatti (INTI Argentina),

Wagner Wollinger (INMETRO, Brazil),

Dr. Yoshito Mitani[1] (CENAM, Mexico),

Elizabeth Ferreira o Ana Inés Silva Terra (LATU, Uruguay)

13:00 – 14:15



14:15 – 15:30

Role of the Reference Laboratory (Calibration Laboratory) / El Rol de laboratorios de referencia (Laboratorios de calibración)

Reference Material production for validation purposes and potentially other cases / Producción de materiales de referencia para motivos de validación y otros casos

Each LAC country: 20 min

Presentations: 60 min

Discussion 15 min

 Raul Girardi (FBA, Argentina),

Ana Piana (Asoc. Bioquímica Uruguaya, Uruguay)

René Gómez(Chile)

15:30 – 16:05

ISO 17511-category classification – Experience of Colombia

Presentation: 20  min

Discussion 15 min

Jeremías Gómez – ONAC - Colombia

16:05 – 16:35

Coffee Break


16:35 – 17:45

Next Steps

Imilce Zuta



[1]To be confirmed